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Download any of our Specification Forms, or visit our microsite at CADdetails for .dwg file downloads and other spec related documents.

Aerating Fountains (1-5HP)

Combining function and beauty, our floating surface aerators are available in 11 spray patterns. (5 year warranty.)

Pond Aerators & Circulators

Considered our industrial aerator line, system configurations can be floating or subsurface. (3+5 year warranty.)

Diffused Aeration

Subsurface diffused, "Bubbler" system. (2 year warranty.)

Giant Fountains (10-25HP)

Our largest floating fountain system available in 7 patterns. (2 year warranty, 3 year with Sub-Monitor option.)

Fountain Glo™ Lighting

Low voltage and high voltage light systems are designed to accentuate any of our surface spray systems at night. (1 year warranty.)

Power Control Centers

All North American systems come standard with power control centers. (Warranty coincides with product line purchased.)